The RCAF Family Sponsor Program

Making the RCAF a better home than ever before.

Family Sponsor Program volunteers stand ready to assist families settle into their new communities during the posting season and to support families who are separated from their loved ones due to military service.

“My sponsor has been a tremendous help the past few months. It was fantastic to have a point of contact just for me. Often the spouses are forgotten in the move process and this program made our transition with a new baby much easier and made the move more enjoyable knowing that there were awesome activities once we settled. I hope that this program continues not only in Greenwood but with every posting across the country.”

About the Family Sponsor Program

The Family Sponsor Program was developed by the RCAF Family Support Team (FST) based on consultations with military families at RCAF Wings and units across the country.  The main goal of the Program is to build community and improve communications at the Wing and unit level. It’s designed to ease the stress of relocation and service-related separation by connecting families to each other and to local leadership. When we stand together we are stronger than when we stand alone.

RCAF units work in conjunction with local Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs) to provide the Family Sponsor Program to any family posted to an RCAF unit. Together they engage, build and maintain a team of volunteer sponsors at each Wing. The volunteer sponsors pro-actively reach out to families that are newly posted or affected by duty-related separations. There will always be challenges.

What the Family Sponsor Program and volunteer sponsors can do for RCAF families:

  • serve as a friendly point of contact for a new family when they arrive
  • facilitate the introduction of new families to other families within the unit or on the Wing
  • ensure that posted families, and families experiencing service-related separation, know what support and services are available and how to access them if required
  • ease the settling process for families into new surroundings
  • foster a greater sense of community at the unit level, particularly during a posting move or deployment.

To be paired with a sponsor during a relocation or if you are affected by a service-related separation:

  • let your unit know that you would like to be paired with a family sponsor or
  • contact your local MFRC or
  • email the Family Support Team:

How you can make a difference by becoming a volunteer!

Are you a member of the RCAF family? Get involved:

Military families have every reason to feel empowered. This program will capitalize on their robust spirit while enabling them to feel at home in the RCAF community – no matter where their military adventures may lead.